Legally #Winning: Charlie Sheen Wants to Trademark 22 Catchphrases

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When will the madness end?

Charlie Sheen, not merely content with taking up more news cycle time than could ever be deemed necessary, is now seeking to trademark 22 of his catchphrases. Don’t we all have enough to be getting on with for Sheen to be concerned about this? And how the heck did he get to 22 without us noticing?

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Well, apparently he did and so the likes of “Duh, Winning,” “Vatican Assassin,” “Tiger Blood” and “Rock Star From Mars” are among the key phrases which the company Hyro-gliff (which has ties to the actor) filed trademark applications for between March 19 and 22. The firm also wants to trademark Sheen’s name and signature, as well as his nicknames for his home, “Sober Valley Lodge,” and his girlfriends, “Sheen’s Goddesses.”

Indeed, interest in Sheen’s affairs continues to run rather high, with it revealed that two other people are trying to trademark “Adonis DNA” before Sheen does, listing the potential uses as clothing and a nutritional supplement. And thirteen others, including Jimmy Buffett’s company, want to use “Tiger Blood” on nutritional and alcoholic drinks.

But with Sheen already selling T-shirts and other merchandise on his website using some of these phrases, that could put him in the strongest legal position and he could certainly do with the income seeing as the reported $1.8 million an episode he was getting for Two and a Half Men has come to an end.

The phrases were all part of what Sheen dubbed a “Media tsunami.” Ironically, that trademark is still up for grabs, so if anyone fancies splitting it 50-50 with NewsFeed, we’re all ears. (via the Daily Telegraph)

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