Reading While Eating for April 6: It’s a Litigious World

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A Pakistani worker prepares a necklace at his gold workshop in Karachi

Getty Images / Asif Hassan/AFP

Making the law, breaking the law and escaping the law: today’s links champion the legal society in which we live.

The Truth About Dares: See pictures of some daredevils’ craziest stunts. NewsFeed dares you to try a few. (LIFE)

Scene of the Crime: Feeling in a murder-solving mood? Extend your lunch break with one of these Top 10 Murder-Mystery Series. (TIME)

Cheat Sheet: Visit the Atlantic Wire each morning for a New York Times highlights list and learn to make the most of your 20 clicks per month. (Atlantic)

The Duct Cap: 13-year-olds, beware: if you don’t keep quiet in class, your teacher may tape your mouth shut. (The Daily What)

Hamburgler: An Idaho TGI Friday’s Restaurant has lost their giant hamburger trophy. Please direct all leads to America’s Moo-st Wanted. (AP)

Birth Mark: A Georgia man was recently fined for tattooing “DB” (short for Daddy’s Boy) on his 3-year-old son. We’re wondering if plans for MB were in the works. (Newser)

Viral Video: If you see a wild bear wander onto the highway, you should probably start filming. Then, NewsFeed can enjoy adorable teddy bear antics from the safety of our desks. (BuzzFeed)