It’s a Mia: At Last, The Bronx Zoo Cobra Has a Name

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Close-up of an Egyptian cobra (Heloderma horridum) rearing up, Lake Victoria, Uganda

Getty Images

No wonder the cobra ran away (er, slithered away?) in the first place; poor thing didn’t even have a name!

But thanks to a crowd-sourcing naming request from the Bronx Zoo and the New York Daily News, the tricky Egyptian cobra has been named Mia. (Get it? M-I-A, as in missing in action. Har, har.)

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Reportedly, more than 60,000 snake fans voted and the name Mia received 27 percent of the vote, knocking out contenders Subira, Amaunet, Cleopatra and Agnes.

Perhaps the cobra will be more inclined to stay put in her Bronx enclosure now that she’s been properly named. Unless of course, she doesn’t like the name. If that’s the case, New Yorkers had better watch their feet.

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