Nursing a Hangover: Trailer for Sequel Pulled From Theaters

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Just days after the trailer for The Hangover II sped through the Web with viral force,  it was pulled from theaters. The trailer for the much-awaited sequel to the popular 2009 comedy has spurred controversy in the film industry. In a letter to movie theaters, Warner Bros. and the Motion Picture Association of America demanded that the trailer be deleted from servers. Regretting last night’s mistakes, are we?

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Warner Bros. released a statement explaining they did not properly vet the final version of the trailer with the MPAA. Both they and the MPAA refused to speak on why the trailer was pulled, but Reuters reports that a stimulated sex scene involving a monkey may be to blame. Watch the trailer for yourself and see what you think. (And as if it needed to be said, things get raunchy, so viewer beware.)

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