Shark Tag, You’re It: Scientists and Moguls Gather to Save the Sea

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Coral reefs are under threat from climate change.

Getty Images/Darryl Leniuk

A ship full of sea-enthusiasts, including  famous minds and artists, will be departing from the coast of Florida to debate how we can save our seas.

Amongst 1,000 entrepreneurs attending this “Summit at Sea” will be Virgin’s Richard Branson, billionaire investor Peter Thiel, hip-hop mogul Russel Simmons and executives from Google and UNICEF. They’ll be attending survival courses, concerts by The Roots, and even yoga lessons.

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Hopefully there will be more brainstorming than yoga poses. You’ll find tons of innovative ideas posted on the summit’s site.  Google’s VP of strategy and business operations talks of using renewable energy to cut down on carbon footprint, while other suggestions involve  spreading the word about ocean pollution via social media, like iPhone apps. And among the artsier ideas, there’s Jane Kim’s migrating mural, which would illustrate the blue whale’s migratory pattern and could be set up on a highway to give a sense of motion.

“Shark Tag, You’re It,” organized by Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, has been the most talked-about event, an adventure which has dozens of “summiteers” fighting for a space on the ship. It’s a competition: only those who come up with the best ideas get a place. The trip takes place on April 8 and seems like a wildly fun and creative way to come up with “an ocean of possibilities.”

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