Book Lover: Writer Proposes to Girlfriend in New Novel

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A literary surprise.

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NewsFeed’s heart is melting already.

Christopher Currie, a 28-year-old novelist, took a very public risk. By doing so, he scored big points with, well, pretty much everyone who reads the acknowledgments in the romantic’s new book.

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After thanking his publisher and various bosses at the end of The Ottoman Motel, Currie’s first novel, the writer thanked his girlfriend.  “If it’s possible to fall more in love with someone every day, then that’s what I do,” he wrote. “To my favourite, to the reason I live my life, Leesa Wockner, who, if she reads this, I hope will agree to marry me, despite the number of commas in this sentence.”


Unsurprisingly, Leesa said yes, according to the Guardian. Great news not only for the happy couple, but also for the novel’s prospects. We can’t imagine infamy for a failed proposal would do much to help book sales. (via Guardian)