Not Such a Bargain: Costco Sells $1 Million Diamond Ring

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Costco is the new Tiffany’s. Sure, you’ve come to love the discount warehouse for its cheap bulk prices and a quick pizza fix, but million-dollar diamond rings too? They’ve got everything.

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Priced at $1 million, there is only one of these special 6.77-carat diamond rings to go around. And it’s a discount — with its selling price at $1.6 million, it’s a deal. The company has been selling engagement rings and high-end jewelry for several years now, and we know even the well-heeled have a special penchant for the warehouse chain.

Two weeks’ worth of cheese, and a ring to go along with it? Don’t worry, the store states the ring is also refundable. Diamonds are forever, but a great return policy is priceless.

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