Three’s a Crowd? Prince William and Kate Middleton May Move in With Prince Harry

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"Cheer up, Harry. We're only asking you to do the dishes."

Eddie Keogh/Files/Reuters

You know how it is: you spend your entire life dreaming of marrying a prince, only to spend the start of wedded bliss living with his brother.

After returning from their honeymoon, Prince William and Kate Middleton look likely to be sharing digs with that enfant terrible off London’s party circuit, Prince Harry. The Daily Telegraph is reporting that the threesome will be living together at Clarence House, which is where Harry resides when he’s in the capital.

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A royal source said: “Harry is away with the Army Air Corps most of the week, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem co-ordinating their diaries. The rooms aren’t particularly fancy but Catherine is used to them. She gets on brilliantly with Harry so it shouldn’t be too much of a hardship.”

Despite the polite party line being taken by the Palace, rest assured that this is expected to be a short-term arrangement. William and Kate are yet to confirm where they’ll live once married, but Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace and Kensington Palace are all in the frame to be their London base (they currently live in North Wales due to William’s work with the RAF).

But back to that quote and NewsFeed can’t quite move on from that, “the rooms aren’t particularly fancy” line. Seriously, Mr. Royal Source? This is a frickin’ palace! We’re sure the rooms are plenty fancy, to say nothing of the staff being on hand to make sure that every whim is catered to. Put it like this — the room service must be spectacular.

If anything, it puts us in mind of that movie You, Me and Dupree, which was about a best man who ends up living with the couple after their wedding. But now the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

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