Tipsy Toddler: Boy Served Alcohol Instead of Apple Juice at Applebee’s

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A toddler at a Detroit Applebee's got a bit tipsy, then passed out.

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“He dozed off a little bit and woke up and got real happy,” the boy’s mother said, proving that even toddlers know being intoxicated is the best way to enjoy Applebee’s.

A Detroit Applebee’s mistakenly served alcoholic margarita mix to a 15-month-old instead of apple juice in his kid’s meal over the weekend. They figured it out after he drank some of it, got tired and then refused to eat.

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“We took it from him and he kind of laid his head on the table,” his mother told a local Detroit news station. The boy’s mother then took a sip and found it wasn’t anything close to apple juice. Police are now investigating the restaurant, and the chain’s corporate headquarters told reporters that “any situation like this is unacceptable and we take it very seriously.”

While quite funny, it could have turned serious quickly if the toddler had drunk too much of it. Doctors told his parents that he could have died if he had consumed the whole glass. Thankfully, he only took a few sips. Even 15-month-olds know that it’s Chili’s that serves the best margaritas around.