No Weed-Out Classes: Marijuana State University Opens

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Look no further, cannabis lovers. We’ve found your institution of higher learning.

Ray Logan, 56, a native of Portland, Maine who has grown his own weed for 30 years, held the first class at Marijuana State University earlier this month. He’s registered under his state’s medical marijuana law, which allows him to turn his formerly illegal hobby into an educational service.

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Fifteen men attended Logan’s first class in Portland, a three-hour workshop that teaches students how to cultivate the plant properly for medicinal purposes. He told the Portland Press Herald that he was happy with his first session’s turnout but would like to double the class size at future workshops. Most of the men who attended were patients registered to use medicinal marijuana who wanted a cost-effective alternative to the expensive treatment.

The class, which according to Logan is not profitable or even self-supporting, costs $79, or $59 for students, senior citizens and veterans. There’s still no verdict on who’s eligible for in-state tuition.

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