Want to Get Lucky On a First Date? Go Out With a Hard Rock Fan

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Steve Jennings / WireImage

Chris Martin of Coldplay pictured above. Coldplay fans are most likely not to sleep with you on the first date.

Trying to figure out if you might get lucky tonight? Ask your date what kind of music he or she listens to.

Tastebuds.fm, an online dating service that pairs you up with single people who have similar taste in music as you, conducted a survey. Over 400 people responded, and what they would be willing to do on a first date are telling. Rock and hip hop fans are more willing to “put out,” so to speak, with Nirvana fans rating the highest.

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Metallica and Linkin Park fans were also more than willing the average music lover to go all the way. Beatles and Rihanna fans led the middle of the lowest, and Coldplay – well, Coldplay fans were the least likely to just go out “for a drink” afterwards. It seems the mellower the musical taste, the less risky the behavior.

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