A Feat of Viral Proportions: Watch Jozef Wadecki, Tumbling Sensation

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Not too many people can hold a handstand for more than a split second.

So for any average human, watching this video of Polish tumbler Jozef Wadecki speedily spin and somersault through the air is mind-boggling, to say the least. He resembles an animated figure rather than an actual human being.

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While even the untrained eye can see he didn’t quite stick the landing, NewsFeed forgives that in this instance.

Yahoo Sports breaks down his amazing moves and reports that the video illustrates Wadecki performing a front flip off of the springboard, a whipback (a no-handed back handspring), back handspring, triple twist, whipback, back handspring, triple twist. As if that weren’t enough, he then performs a round-off right into a double layout, whipback, back handspring double layout, whipback, whipback, double back with a full twist. Those terms may seem like gibberish to some of us, but you don’t need to know the technical terminology in order to be impressed. According to Yahoo Sports, he does all of this with “near-perfect form.”

So who is this Jozef Wadecki, and why have we not heard of him until now? Apparently, there are even more impressive tumblers out there. Wadecki was the bronze medalist at the 2005 World Tumbling Championships, second to two men from China. Perhaps this video only went viral because not many people have seen tumbling before; on the other hand, there may be a Wheaties box in Wadecki’s future.

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