Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Treatment: What Are the Symptoms of Bipolar II Disorder?

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Getty Images / Donna Ward

Catherine Zeta-Jones receives the William R. Hopkins Bronze Medal of the St. David's Society of the State of New York at The Yale Club on March 4, 2011

A representative for Catherine Zeta-Jones announced Wednesday that she sought treatment for bipolar disorder. (via Healthland)

Zeta-Jones, who has gained media attention in the past for helping her husband Michael Douglas battle cancer, checked into a mental health facility to deal with her own condition. The rep indicated that the stress of dealing with her husband’s disease took a toll on her psychological well-being.

The actress was diagnosed with bipolar II, the less severe form of the disease. Healthland breaks down the specific symptoms of bipolar II.

The key difference is that patients with bipolar II do not have full-blown manic episodes. Rather, they cycle between milder, hypomanic episodes and episodes of major depression. Women are slightly more likely to have bipolar II than men…many bipolar adults — particularly those with bipolar II — are misdiagnosed with clinical depression.

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