Prince William and Kate to Split — Or So Says a Chinese Fortune Teller

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Toby Melville / Reuters

Chin up! Although a leading Chinese fortune teller thinks Will and Kate have a struggle on their hands, he says the couple can survive with the help of feng shui and artwork of horses

Fortune teller Chen Shuaifo looks past the royal wedding—and he sees trouble. (via CNN)

“Their marriage won’t make it through the winter of 2015,” he told CNN’s Eunice Yoon. “From their faces, their most distinctive character is that they are both dominating and stubborn.” To make matters worse, Kate’s sapphire engagement ring, which belonged to Diana, apparently carries the burden of her death.

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But there is hope. Chen recommends the couple utilize the principles of feng shui to redress any imbalance in their personal life, and that they add salt to their wine to counter bad luck. Given that Kate’s Chinese zodiac sign is the dog, she should also “put more horse-related artwork in her room.”

And while Chen forecasts major hiccups between Kate and Wills, Western astrology suggests the two make a decent match. As the site Zodiac Compatibility explains: “If Capricorn [Kate] puts other priorities before Cancer [William], it will no doubt hurt Cancer and it can potentially get worse from there with Capricorn’s indifference to Cancer’s feelings. This is still a good match overall as long as both parties commit fully to the relationship, something Capricorn and Cancer are known to be good at.” So long as she keeps William at the center of her life, the future Mrs. Windsor can breathe a sigh of relief.

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