Can You Get a Pap Smear at Walgreens? Flash Mob Wants to Find Out

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When discussed funding for Planned Parenthood, FOX & Friends anchors said the centers’ non-abortion services can be done at your local Walgreens. Services like pap smears.  Oh, really?

A group of women want to put this notion to the test by organizing a series of flashmobs on Saturday. They’ve started a Facebook event, encouraging women to head to one of three Walgreens with friends and attempt to procure a pap smear — while, naturally, filming the attempt.

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NewsFeed already sees how this is going to play out, and feels a bit sorry for the people working the pharmacy counter at these choice Walgreens this weekend. After all, it’s not their fault that the anchors slipped up about women’s health services. Though of course, we’re sure no one intended the Walgreens reference to be a “factual statement.”  Watch Stephen Colbert crack up about the Walgreens mix-up. (via Jezebel)

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