Fashion Friday: Pain-Numbing Panties and Other Style Scoop

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NewsFeed’s Feifei Sun rounds up the brilliant and bizarre from this week in fashion.

There’s a panty for that. Anesthesiologist Dr. Edna Ma has developed an underwear and numbing cream set for women who know how brutal bikini waxing can be. The kit keeps the area down there numb for 30 minutes to an hour and costs $25. [Fashionista]

In other underwear news. Calvin Klein is now selling men’s briefs from a vending machine. Just in case, you know, you forgot to put your panties on in the morning and need a quick fix. [Racked]

That swan dress lives on. Almost one month after Legoland gave Prince William and Kate Middleton’s forthcoming nuptials a lego display, Bjork’s infamous swan dress, from the 2001 Academy Awards, has also gotten the toy treatment. [Trend de la Creme]

The world’s most expensive shoes? So says the Telegraph of these gold, diamond heels. Designer Christopher Michael Shellis says they’re jewelry you can wear on your feet, but with a $200,000 price tag, it’s no surprise they’ve yet to find a customer. [Telegraph]

Is the royal wedding over yet?
Hardly. The excitement surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton has bordered on madness—one man even thinks he saw Kate’s face on a mango jelly bean. [Gawker]

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