Google Celebrates Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday With Movie Doodle

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Happy (early) birthday, Charlie Chaplin! You’ve been officially doodled.

Google has recently been experimenting with animated and moving doodles, like the addictive bouncy balls doodle in September and the tribute to John Lennon on what would have been the musician’s 70th birthday in October.

But today’s doodle celebrating Charlie Chaplin, the great comedian of the silent era who would’ve turned 122 on Saturday, is a first for Google. The doodlers made their own movie short starring a Chaplin lookalike who irritates a policeman, slyly snatches a woman’s painting of the Google logo and then schemes his way into buying a muffin. The clever two-minute tribute will be featured on Google’s homepage for 36 hours through Chaplin’s birthday, which is actually April 16.

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It’s the first ever live-action video doodle for Google, which stars the whole Doodle team and was actually shot where Chaplin filmed a number of his early films, including The Tramp. So, if the search giant is making videos now, what will they stick their ever-reaching Googley hands into next?