Great News, Everyone! Beer Is On Its Way To Staying Fresh Forever

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Caspar Benson/fstop/Corbis

Reason number 1,723 that we’re grateful for science: it’s finally being used to keep beer from going bad. Hallelujah!

Thomas Hofmann and his researcher colleagues have discovered the substances that are responsible for that funky bitter taste of old beer—“mostly so-called ‘prenylated polyketides’ derived from hops”, according to a release.

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The scientists’ estimate that beer goes bad anywhere from 6-12 months after it’s placed in storage. However, now that the taste-ruining substances have been identified, science can focus on combating them.

Their findings are to be published in the ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and we’re hoping that their pioneering research will just be the first step towards the creation of the future—a super beer with a never-expiring delicious taste.

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