Reading While Eating for April 15: Fat Cats

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Getty Images / Vladimir Bezzubov/Yury Kuzmin/KHL Photo Agency

Game Four of the 2011 KHL Gagarin Cup Final Series in Russia

Today’s links feature animals and, uh, people who like to eat animals.

To Your Flock Be True: As a security measure, this farmer decided to dye his entire flock of sheep orange. Original or over-the-top? (SkyNews)

Won’t Change its Spots: Officials who tried to confiscate this stubborn leopard from an animal home were unsuccessful. After five hours of trying to entice him into a box, they had to give up. (BBC)

Fats in the Back: Simon would have had a field day. This American Idol fan says she was told she was too fat to sit in the front row. (AOL News)

Peking Duck: One owner styled a pair of shoes for her sassy bird to stroll through Beijing. (BuzzFeed)

Zoobreak: Check out the Top 10 Zoo escapes. (TIME)

Athletic Build? Take a look at this gallery of fat athletes and learn that exercise really doesn’t make you thin. (LIFE)

Viral Video: This well-intentioned cake for a friend’s baby shower is a little too creepy for most people’s taste. Watch someone literally cut the head off a baby. (Daily What)