Snoop Dogg Barking Mad After Radio Stations Censor His Tribute to Prince William

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LARRY W. SMITH/epa/Corbis

The rapper dreamed up the song “Wet” to honor Prince William’s upcoming marriage to Kate Middleton. But radio chiefs worry families will be royally offended by the R-rated title.

“I did a song called ‘Wet,’ and these [people] at radio made me change the title to ‘Sweat,'” Snoop Dogg told Vibe magazine. “I didn’t change one line on ‘Kush.’ I hear that [song] on the radio every day, and we’re talking about straight smoking dope. I can’t be sexy, but I can be drug-oriented.”

The Gin & Juice singer penned the song in December, and described it as “the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin’.'” He later told George Lopez that, through the song, he wanted to advise Will “to have a little fun before he got married, see all the girls you won’t be able to see, before you lock down with that one, and enjoy yourself.” (via E! Online)

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