Watch: Plastic Dolls Star in Time-Lapse Video of the Royal Wedding

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American news networks launch their royal wedding day coverage at 4 a.m. EST on April 29. Assuming you’ll still be in bed, filmmaker Jean-Paul Pirie has got you covered with this time-lapse portrayal.

Starring 7-centimeter dolls from the Happyland toy line, the film shows Kate and Will en route to Westminster Abbey, walking down the aisle, and enjoying their first kiss as husband and wife. And while the attention to detail is pretty impressive—at one point the banner scrolling beneath the news anchor reads “President Obama sends his wishes to the happy couple”—there’s at least one inaccuracy. In the video Kate travels to her wedding in a carriage rather than the Rolls-Royce—yes, the same one a braying mob of protesters attacked last December—which the future princess has actually chosen. Looks like Happyland doesn’t included vandalized cars. (via Independent)

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