The Royal Wedding Craze Goes Viral in T-Mobile Commercial

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If you’ve ever wondered what kind of awkward dance moves the Queen of England hides under her hat, you’re in luck.

Mobile phone provider T-Mobile has a somewhat imaginative idea on how the Royal Wedding procession should go — and it includes forced choreography, leapfrogs and a somewhat disturbing representation of Prince Charles pulling his very best Harry impression.

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The advertisement involves some totally passable royal lookalikes, as well as a fake archbishop and a few lowly commoners, jigging down the aisle to the stylings of “House of Love” by English pop group East 17.

As a spoof of the viral sensation “JK Wedding Dance,” which was posted to YouTube in 2009 and now has more than 64 million views, T-Mobile’s ode to Will and Kate is a little more stuffy, as is the royals’ style, except for those commoners, who really know how to muck up an otherwise fancy occasion.

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While it’s pretty entertaining to watch a faux William leap-frog over his younger brother, we’re guessing that when April 29th rolls around, the only dancing that will be happening is some shade of ballroom and less bump and grind. (via The Daily Mail)

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