Officials: Terrorist Threat Possible at Royal Wedding

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Getty Images / Adrian Dennis/AFP

British police officers wait by Westminster Abbey

British security officials announced they are concerned that a well-known group of Irish terrorists may target Britons at the Royal Wedding on April 29.

While there have been no signs of concrete plans or threats, senior-level officials told ABC News that they have knowledge that a group by the name of the “Real IRA” has been trying to move their operations from Northern Ireland into London for years. The Royal Wedding provides a perfect target for the group that is responsible for over 40 significant terrorist attacks in the past year.

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Wanting to avoid a potentially disastrous attack, the British police force plans to prepare accordingly. The Guardian reports that the event will involve one of the biggest security operations in police history with nearly 5,000 police officers on duty. And it’s not only the IRA that they’re worried about. The police force has refused permission to two groups who wanted to protest, Muslims Against Crusades and the English Defence League and they have been collecting intelligence information regarding individuals who are obsessed with members of the royal family, politicians or celebrities.

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