Pesky Perfume Spritzers May Be a Dying Breed at Department Stores

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Beauty departments may soon be a little less fragrant.

As department store patrons cross beauty departments, they often have to dodge the line of fire, but shortly that may no longer be the case. Some perfume marketers are reportedly firing or re-training some of their pesky demonstrators that shower customers with a whole host of scented sprays.

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The companies seem to have finally caught on to the fact that shoppers find the experience unpleasant and plan to replace their fragrance demonstrators with a less-pushy model that actually asks the customer their preferences before they spray. The New York Times reports that Nordstrom stores will replace their brand-hired perfume spritzers with on-staff fragrance advisers by next summer in an attempt to make the industry more customer-friendly.

Perhaps customers will soon have the opportunity to emerge from department stores smelling exactly as they did when they walked in. (via New York Times)

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