Slam-Dunk Shoe: Adidas to Launch Basketball’s Lightest Sneaker

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Courtesy of Adidas

NewsFeed can’t say Adidas can make you any better at basketball. But maybe the company can make you feel like you’re getting faster and jumping higher, and that’s almost the same thing. By rolling out its new AdiZero Crazy Light shoe, weighing in at a scant 9.8 ounces, the German shoe giant makes paying more for less a bit trendy.

To land a pair of the super light shoes with the three stripes, expect to drop a heavy $130 when they reach the masses in June. That’s just $13.27 an ounce. And while the per-ounce price may rival your favorite high-end food, Adidas is fine with that, especially since their shoe is now lighter than Kobe Bryant’s Zoom (10.6 ounces) made by rival Nike.

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Adidas shoe designer Robbie Fuller says new synthetic materials help strengthen the shoe without the need for extra material in an ultra-thin exoskeleton. Plus, the new frame stitches the upper portion of the shoe to the bottom, which eliminates about half an ounce of weight with the elimination of glue and foam.

And if a ridiculously light shoe wasn’t enough, Adidas claims it will practically hug your foot and then clean itself. With the thickest rubber around the outside edge for traction and another traction style in the interior, Fuller says the design limits dust collection.

Adidas expects the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose to wear the new shoe for the playoffs, showing it off in time for its early June release. NewsFeed knows he’ll opt for the black/red/white kicks, but if you’re all about looking good, we recommend the blinding blue/white combo. It’s not just light, but bright too.

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