Tiger Cub Speaks Up: Amy Chua’s Daughter Starts a Blog

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via www.tigersophia.com

Careful, little cub. The Internet can be a vicious place.

The teenage daughter of Amy Chua aka the Tiger Mom, Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld is preparing to head off to college next fall (Yale or Harvard, she hasn’t decided yet, thank you very much) and isn’t it time she broke out on her own and started a blog?

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In her blog, Sophia answers questions, sets the record straight on her home life and shares anecdotes about eating out with her mom. There’s nothing especially juicy or exciting here, and NewsFeed means that as a compliment. We don’t see any need for Sophia to go all Jessi Slaughter on us.

One word of warning to Sophia, though. Considering the amount of ire Amy Chua raised by touting her particular method of parenting, her children are bound to be under careful scrutiny for any perceived mistake or flaw (real or imagined). While Sophia may feel like she’s able to brush off the criticism of “angry strangers” now, give it a few months. That sort of abuse can wear a person down. (via Gawker)

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