Making Amends? James Frey to Return to Oprah

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Getty Images / Tim Boyle

Oprah's Book Club book "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey

Five years after being viciously confronted and chased from Oprah’s couch, James Frey is slated to return for some of the show’s final moments this May.

The A Million Little Pieces author initially butted heads with Oprah after significant parts of his supposedly-autobiographical memoir about addiction were exposed as false. Oprah, who appears on the 2011 TIME 100 list, had invested personal interest in the memoir by naming it to her book club. Upon learning of the fabrication, the enraged talk-show host invited Frey onto her show and subjected him to public humiliation, forcing him to admit he had lied.

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The event escalated into an ongoing and highly publicized feud between the two, but after an apology from Oprah and a few years to let the dust settle, they seem to be putting the million little pieces back together.

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