Pulitzer Prize Just the Beginning for Jennifer Egan: HBO Options ‘Goon Squad’

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Getty Images / Henry S. Dziekan III

Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Egan

She’s won a Pulitzer Prize and a spot on the 2011 TIME 100–for most people that would be enough. But for Brooklyn editor Jennifer Egan, life keeps getting better. She recently closed a deal with HBO to develop her acclaimed novel, A Visit From The Goon Squad, into a television series. Though Michael London and Jocelyn Hayes-Simpson will be executive producer and co-exec producer, Egan will serve as a consultant for the project.

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It’s unclear how the novel, which is a compilation of several short stories with interlocking characters and plot lines, will be adapted to T.V. But Egan remains calm and poised about the process. “I do think when you option rights to your work, you really have to be ready for anything,” she tells the New York Times. “You’re giving someone the right to build their vision on yours, but I do think you have to let them have their vision.”

Perhaps the author’s willingness to hand control over to HBO indicates a budding collaborative partnership. After all, she used the cable network’s popular drama, “The Sopranos,” as early inspiration for her novel.

Watch Jennifer Egan talk to TIME about ‘A Visit From the Goon Squad’: