The Most Important Royal Wedding Question: What’s For Lunch?

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REUTERS / Nick Ansell / POOL

This is what's for lunch after the royal wedding.

Well, actually, nothing.

Royal wedding guests shouldn’t expect a lavish meal. They ought to come with their tummies full, unless they decide to indulge decadently – in, um, finger food.

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In a blast to tradition, the couple will be serving about eight different types of canapés to their 650 wedding guests. The chefs are expected to whip up some 10,000 pieces of smoked salmon, herbed crepes and Cornish pastries among other options for famished guests. Champagne, wine and sparkling lemonade is expected to accompany the bite-sized food.

So out of those 10,000 pieces, how many canapés will each guest approximately get to chow down on? Fifteen. Then it’s time for a mash-up of cookie cake and fruitcake. Yeah, it might be time for a royal pit stop at a fish and chips joint afterward.

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In what may be a pure genius stroke, though, the standing reception allows the couple to ignore the politics of a sit-down meal and avoid public concerns about royals feasting “during a time of lingering economic pain.” The palace, in addition, can only handle about 150 guests.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Prince Charles will host a three-course dinner for 300 people at Buckingham Palace later that night. Wait – hold on, guys, NewsFeed just figured out where the real party is at.

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