Who Wants To Be A Princess? Not Many People, Apparently

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REUTERS/Darren Staples

Britain's Prince William walks with his fiancee, Kate Middleton, during their visit to Witton Country Park in Darwen, northern England

There goes that myth.

You’d think every woman would be seething with jealousy over Kate Middleton right about now; she’s young, beautiful and about to marry a prince. Just imagine all the jewels! Turns out, it takes a little more than that to draw out most British women’s green monster.

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According to Reuters, a YouGov poll showed that 86% of British women don’t feel jealous of Kate Middleton at all.  Sounds like modern day women are wise to the circus of the royal life, not to mention the British tabloids.

“Most women realize Catherine has an unenviable task ahead of her, having her every move, not to mention every outfit, picked apart by the press,” said Carla Bevan, editor-in-chief of MyDaily.co.uk, the website that commissioned the poll.

Yet a small percentage of the women polled still have fairy tale dreams — 10% said they wouldn’t mind being in Kate’s (expensive) shoes, and many saying that they particularly coveted her wealth. (via Reuters)

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