Libyan Rebels Dedicate Town Square to Journalist Tim Hetherington

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Getty Images / Valerie Macon

Slain photojournalist Tim Hetherington

Those left in the town of Ajdabiya, Libya honored the slain British journalist by naming their biggest square after him. (via Al Jazeera)

The intrepid war photographer, who was killed this week from a shrapnel wound in Misrata, captured the hearts of many living in Ajdabiya and they honored him by marching to the square blasting the song of the revolution. Dr. Suleiman Refardi, the leading surgeon at Ajdabiya’s main hospital, told Al Jazeera that “Tim Hetherington was one of the people transmitting the light of truth…The camera of Tim Hetherington is as strong as any cannon on the front.”

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Though they’ve only commemorated the square with a flying flag and a hospital sheet proclaiming its new name, rebels have vowed to pay a more permanent tribute if they win the war.

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