“Where to, Guys?” NYC Duo Hail a Cab — All the Way to Los Angeles

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REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Living in New York City, NewsFeed has always found it difficult to catch a taxi, particularly in Midtown Manhattan just going to Brooklyn. So how two guys flagged down a cab and got the driver to take them all the way to Los Angeles is completely baffling.

John Belitsky and Dan Wuebben convinced cab driver Mohammed Alam to make the cross-country trek last Saturday after meeting him at LaGuardia airport, the New York Post reported. It was a spontaneous, adventurous idea that cost $5,000 — which is actually considerably less than the metered fare of $17,o00, but apparently, it isn’t the money it’s the adventure.

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“While I can attest to the economic impracticality of a x country cab ride, (sic)” Belitsky wrote on his Twitter account. “I cant understand what people can’t understand about it.”

The son of a New York cabbie, Belitsky says he’s doing it to prove wrong his father, who didn’t believe he’d be able to pull such a stunt off. Wuebben is simply holding the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission to their word regarding cabs: “You walk out in New York City, you hail a cab, they’re supposed to take you anywhere,” he jokingly told Denver’s KUSA-TV on the Rocky Mountain leg of their trip.

They expect to arrive in Los Angeles on Sunday, but have not decided whether or not they’ll cab it back. But one warning: L.A. cabbies are nowhere near as good with directions as New York drivers are.

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