Too Much Fun in a Can? Snoop Dogg’s Malt Liquor Under Attack

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You can’t have Four Loko anymore in certain states, but why not give Snoop Dogg’s “Blast by Colt 45” a try?

Yes, that’s right. Snoop Doggy Dogg has endorsed an alcoholic energy drink – marketed as a “binge in a can.” But it’s not all fun and games. Politicians and advocacy groups are outraged over its 12% alcoholic content level, urging the product to either be taken off shelves or changed.

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State officials led by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan wrote a letter to Pabst Brewing Company, the maker of the fruit-flavored beverage, claiming the product glamorizes alcohol abuse and binge drinking.

“Alcohol abuse among young people is a serious and alarming epidemic,” Madigan said in the letter.

But, of course, the beer company responded to all of the criticism. Pabst told CNN:

“Blast is only meant to be consumed by those above legal drinking age. As with all Pabst products, our marketing efforts for Blast are focused on conveying the message of drinking responsibly. To that end, the alcohol content of Blast is clearly marked on its packaging.”

And to the put the alcoholic content in perspective, consuming the 23.5-ounce can is equivalent to drinking an entire six-pack of beer. It’s no wonder an ad for the brew featuring Snoop claims, “What a blast, huh!?”

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For now, the fate of the drink is unknown, but Pabst can be sure that college fraternity boys will start buying out its stock in droves before it’s too late.

(via Huffington Post and Gawker)