Facebook Tirade Against Kate Gets Soldier Banned from Wedding

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Facebook via Daily Mail

When your job description involves guarding the royal palace, maybe you shouldn’t badmouth its potential residents – i.e. the future queen.

A Buckingham Palace guard has been dismissed from his duties the day of the royal wedding after ranting about Kate Middleton on Facebook. Scots Guardsmen Cameron Reilly (pictured) described Kate as a “stuck up cow,” among many other nasty comments (think of the opposite of a male canine).

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Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about Will’s bride-to-be, but one would think that such rudeness wouldn’t fly in Reilly’s position.

Obviously, it doesn’t.

“In view of the nature of the allegation, it would not be appropriate for the individual to be on parade for The Royal Wedding,” the Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

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So what caused this undue animosity?

According to Reilly’s Facebook posts, Kate gave him only a brief wave “while she looked the opposite way.”

Alas, shunned by the future queen herself. NewsFeed is sure that Kate had every intention of purposefully (but gracefully) ignoring the young guard.

The soldier, who said on his profile that he joined the army in 2010, is seen on his page holding machine guns while wearing his uniform.

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And to top if off, he is also being investigated for racist and anti-Semitic comments left on the site as well.

The takeaway? Well, there are a few, but one is don’t misuse social media, as demonstrated countless times before. Maybe you also shouldn’t list “causing trouble” or “casually breaking the law” among your interests on Facebook either, Mr. Reilly. You’re not really making a case for yourself. (via Daily Mail and CNN)