Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Little Thor Packs a Major Wallop in VW Ad Parody

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YouTube (MARVEL / Volkswagen)

Miniature Thor and Darth Vader go head-to-head.

Riffing off the mini Darth Vader in Volkswagen’s Super Bowl commercial, Marvel Comics has created a way-cute younger version of their hammer-wielding hero.

Thor stomps into theaters on May 6th, but before the day arrives, movie creators thought they’d give us a taste of what the Asgardian’s childhood might have looked like. And apparently it involved a smaller hammer and a spontaneous actualization of his superpowers.

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The ad’s creators took the liberty of parody in their ad, going shot-for-shot with the VW ad. Both little Thor and little Darth attempt to overpower their exercise bikes, pet pooches, and washing machines, to no avail. Dejected, each sees his father pull into the driveway, sparking a new and brilliant idea: using the force on the family’s wheels. The pint-sized Dark Lord realized his power when the car’s lights flashed at him. But as you’ll see, tiny Thor had a more dramatic epiphany.

The ad agency clearly had a sense of humor about parodying the original, throwing in (appropriately timed, given the season) small Easter eggs. Thor fanatics will appreciate the car’s license plate and the name listed on the dog bowl – and even the mug on the kitchen counter – proving that a spoof is all about the tiny details.

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How does the VW ad compare? Watch the original.