Caged Lions and Levi’s Models: Top 10 Quotes About the Royal Wedding

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REUTERS/Adrian Dennis/Pool

Prince William and Kate Middleton make their final public appearance before their wedding at the Darwen Aldridge Community Academy.

As William and Kate have in recent weeks disappeared from public view to prepare for their nuptial hour, British papers have filled the silence by digging up some of the best quotes about the young couple and their romance. Here’s ten of the best—the funny, the genuinely heartwarming, and the sickeningly sweet—via the Coventry Telegraph and the Daily Telegraph.

1. “William is a country boy. His mother used to ring me up and say: ‘William is like a caged lion in London. Can he come and spend the day with your family?'”—Lady Annabel Goldsmith

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2. “Over the years William has really looked after me. He’s treated me very well as the great, loving boyfriend he is.”—Kate Middleton

3. “He did cook for me at university… always with a bit of anger if something went wrong.”—Kate Middleton

4. “He wishes. No, I had the Levi’s guy on my wall, not a picture of William, sorry.”—Kate Middleton, when asked if she had posters of William on her wall when she was growing up.

5. “Kate’s got a naughty sense of humor, which kind of helps because I’ve got a dirty sense of humor.”—Prince William

6. “The whole thing!”—Prince William, when asked what elements of his impending wedding day were giving him sleepless nights.

7. “It’s quite good news always to outfox the media but it was a military operation and my brother and I are very proud of how it went.”—Prince William on his bachelor party.

8. “And I hope she would be very, very proud that the big day has come upon him.”—Prince Harry on what his late mother, Princess Diana, would think about the wedding.

9. “We all think he is wonderful and we are extremely fond of him. They make a lovely couple, they are great fun to be with, and we’ve had a lot of laughs together.”—Michael Middleton, Kate’s father, speaking following the engagement announcement

10. “As you may have recognised, it’s my mother’s engagement ring, so of course it’s very special to me and Kate’s very special to me now as well, and it’s only right the two are put together.”—Prince William on the diamond and sapphire engagement ring which had belonged to his mother.

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