Cupcake-Flavored Vodka: Delicious or Disastrous?

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Courtesy of Cupcake Vodka

Have you ever found yourself deciding between a cupcake and cocktail? We haven’t either. But now you can have both in one icky-sounding spirit.

Cupcake Vodka is a six-times distilled alcoholic treat created by vino specialists Cupcake Vineyards. With flavors such as “Devil’s Food,” “Frosting” and “Chiffon,” as well as an “Original” — which we assume tastes somewhat like vanilla – Cupcake Vodka taunts drinkers to “Live Deliciously.”

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NewsFeed can see the appeal here. Cupcake-flavored vodka is like a two-for-one special: You get the taste of one of the best treats ever created — cupcakes, of course — and a buzz for half the calories. But those who choose to imbibe on such sweet alcoholic drinks might find themselves with an unsettling surprise: a wicked sugar-induced hangover.

So as much as we love cupcakes (and will probably be seeking one out shortly after writing this post), we’ll stick to taking our cocktails straight up, with a splash of lime.

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