Does Your Name Spell Power? LinkedIn Reveals Top CEO Names

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Erik Dreyer via Getty Images

What’s in a name? It just might be the ticket to your success.

Online professional networking site LinkedIn evaluated more than 100 million user profiles to come up with a list of the top names for chief executives around the world. It may seem preposterous that a name could correlate to that key to the big office, but the results are undoubtedly interesting.

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And without further delay, here they are:

The most common names for males are (in order): Peter, Bob, Jack, Bruce, Fred, Bill, Ron, Christian, Alexander and Don.

The most common names among female CEOs are: Deborah, Sally, Debra, Cynthia, Carolyn, Pamela, Ann, Cheryl, Linda and Janet.

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Do you see a pattern? Clearly, parents might want to give their newborn boys a monosyllabic, four-letter name. For the girls, just stick with the typical American name and all will be fine.

Dr. Frank Nuessel, a linguist, speculates that shortened versions of given names are often used to encourage friendliness and openness. On the flip side, female CEOs may use their full names to project a more professional image.

The report doesn’t leave out popular names for other professions, either. Here are some other top names for various job sectors.

Sales: Chip, Todd, Trey

Engineering: Rajesh, Jeremy, Andrew

Restaurant and food services: Thierry, Philippe, Laurent

Law Enforcement: Billy, Darrell, Pete

Human Resources: Emma, Katie, Claire

Athletics: Ryan, Matt, Jessica

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If your name is one of those listed, congrats! You’re employed. If not, the future doesn’t look so good for you (kidding, of course). (via LinkedIn)