Nun Stuck In Elevator Survives Four Nights on Celery Sticks, Water and Cough Drops

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An 85-year-old nun got trapped inside a broken elevator for four nights and three days while her sisters were out of town for a convention and she was alone in the convent.

Sister Margaret Geary of Notre Dame de Namur in Baltimore had celery sticks and a jar of water with her on the elevator. Upon getting stuck, she knew that she would have to rely on those and her faith in God for the next few days spent in the cramped space. “It was either panic or pray,” she tells CNN.

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Because Margaret’s cell phone had no signal and she could not pry the doors open, she resigned herself to her fate and decided to use the time to pray. When she ran out of water she found cough drops in her pocket that she sucked on to relieve her thirst. Margaret described the experience as a “gift,” and said she was thankful for the opportunity to get closer to God.

Due to a recently broken kneecap, Margaret has no choice but to use the elevator again. NewsFeed hopes she has rations with her each time she steps on.

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