Watch Out, Burger Giants: Starbucks Now the Number-Three Restaurant Chain

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REUTERS/Robert Sorbo

Maybe, just maybe, America is holding off the burgers a little. Of course, we are more than happy to replace the beef with a shot—or two—of caffeine. 

Technomic announced America’s top 500 restaurant chains based on 2010 total sales, and Starbucks took a leap, jumping past Burger King and Wendy’s into the third slot.

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Whereas McDonald’s, BK and Wendy’s topped the list for decades, now the chink in the King’s armor is showing. McDonald’s is the only burger joint in the top three, although it still leads the list with Subway and Starbucks right behind it. Burger King and Wendy’s sit in fourth and fifth, respectively.

And as Starbucks continues to build stores (and not just in Seattle), convince people to get addicted to their product and add in a variety of offerings beyond coffee, the climb continues.

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