‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’: Canadian Women Break Up With PM Stephen Harper on YouTube

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In advance of the Canadian federal election on May 2, women across the icy-cold country who once voted Conservative are banding together online to give Prime Minister Stephen Harper the boot. Ouch.

An “It’s Over Steve” campaign has come to YouTube, courtesy of a few very funny ladies from Hamilton, Ontario. In a series of “breakup” videos, they air their grievances with Prime Minister Harper, admonishing the Tory leader for breaking promises, prioritizing stealth fighter jets over national childcare and “spending all my money.” One of them delivers the bad news to Stevie over a candlelit dinner. In later episodes they hit the road, giving voice to dissatisfied women in other parts of the province. The group even has a Facebook page.

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The campaign has prompted Canadians nation-wide and of all ages and backgrounds to shoot and post their own “Dear John”—or “Dear Steve,” if you will—clips. “Things haven’t been working for a long time,” one woman explains. “You just don’t listen to me anymore; my concerns go unnoticed,” says another. In video after video they declare that where once they were taken with Harper’s Conservative charm and cowboy hats, they now “deserve better.” They’ll be taking their vote elsewhere.

In a compilation by residents of Edmonton, Alberta, a little girl begins, “Steve, I don’t like the way you treat my Mom.” In another bit, a woman with a dog in her lap actually looks pained at having to end things this way. “I’m sorry, it’s over,” she laments. “Move your stuff out.”

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