A Honeymoon on Ice: Catherine and William Opt for Quiet Weekend at Home

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AP Photo/ John Stillwell, pool

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walk hand in hand from Buckingham Palace in London, Saturday.

Seems like they’re settling into married life like the rest of us.

Prince William and the new Princess Catherine have decided to defer their honeymoon to a later date. Perhaps the wedding frenzy has worn them out?

Their plans to embark on a post-wedding vacation still stand, though they’ve chosen to put off the journey for a few weeks. After strolling out of Buckingham Palace this morning, perhaps after attending the all-night bash thrown by Prince Harry, they announced their wishes for a quiet weekend at home instead of an international jaunt.

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In a volte face of the past months, the royal couple expressed their desire for privacy. With every move being tracked, covered, and reported since November’s engagement, and with the wedding heading off with fanfare and flawlessness, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are certainly not out of line with their hope of settling comfortably into married society.

As for this weekend Will and Kate might head to his grandmother’s Balmoral Castle in northeast Scotland, a place the Queen goes for seclusion herself. Early next week, following Monday’s bank holiday, the two will return to northern Wales, where William will return to work at the Royal Air Force base in Anglesey.

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They also hope to keep their ultimate honeymoon destination a secret, though NewsFeed expects a slight bit of trouble with that. Rumors have included a scuba-diving holiday in Australia, a private island retreat in the Seychelles off the African coast, a Caribbean beach jaunt, or a hideaway amid the African savanna. Can’t go wrong with any of them in our eyes.