Partyin’ Partyin’ Yeah: Katy Perry Covers Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

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It may be the most hated song on YouTube, but let’s face it, “Friday” is here to stay. 

At a concert on – can you guess which day? – Friday, Katy Perry broke out into the tune that’s become a de facto anthem for our favorite weekday, the one that Ms. Black so gracious taught us precedes Saturday.

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In front of a crowd of 15,000 in Melbourne, Australia, Perry launched into a cover of the song. Putting her own spin on the tune, she played it slow and unplugged, shedding the fast-paced, poppy original that we love to hate.

Perry encouraged the crowd – who had no doubt heard the viral sensation ad nauseam over the past weeks – to sing along. The audience ate it up, appearing to enjoy the tune, but some raised questions about Perry’s motives.

As she capped off her quick rendition, she snarkily quipped, “I’m so glad that someone wrote a song about Friday — finally!” Of course, Katy, “Friday” is the perfect addition to our musical repertoire. Seriously though: how will we explain this one to future generations?

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