Royal Wedding Hangover: ‘Frowning Flower Girl’ Becomes Internet Sensation

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AP Photo / Matt Dunham

As bridesmaid Grace van Cutsem, left, covers her ears, Britain's Prince William kisses his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Amid the day’s perfection, of course the Internet had to find something to rip on.

It was the picture millions were waiting for. But the happiness of the Royal Couple is overshadowed by the pouting face in the bottom corner.

Grace Van Cutsem was the least-happy person in the world as Catherine and William shared their first kiss atop the Buckingham Palace balcony. And the Internet took notice as she slapped her hands over her ears to block out the boisterous crowds.

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The pint-sized 3-year-old bridesmaid – though she’s being called a flower girl, British weddings don’t actually feature them – has seen her pouting mug plastered on photos all over cyberspace, attached to photos of people we all wish would shut their mouths (Donald Trump and Rebecca Black come to mind).

Garnering so much notice due to her prominent location on the balcony, standing right in front of Kate Middleton, Van Cutsem was featured in nearly every photograph of the Royal Couple. And her pouting face made quite an impact with the millions that were so thrilled for Will and Kate, proving that indeed not everyone shared the flowery sentiments of the day.

Grumpy little Grace is Prince William’s goddaughter who appeared to be having none of the day’s fanfare. Kate even noticed the tot’s unhappiness and tried to get Grace to smile, but to no avail – so her frowny face has quickly become Internet fodder.

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