Music Monday: Titus Andronicus’ Ode to Jersey Features Zero Spray Tans

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Titus Adronicus is not in the mafia. The New Jersey rock band doesn’t go tanning or to the gym (although theoretically, its members do occasionally do laundry). In fact, Titus Andronicus is so sick of the Garden State’s stereotypical depictions on television shows like The Sopranos, Jersey Shore, and The Real Housewives that it has decided to fight back.

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For the music video to “No Future Part III: Escape From No Future,” off the band’s 2010 album The Monitor, the group traveled around the state and performed in a variety of well known Jersey locations including Lakewood, Asbury Park, New Brunswick, Jersey City and the Pine Barrens forest. Then it distributed free copies of the video to more than 60 local “residents, publications, websites, and institutions” so that it would be seen all across the state. Even if you’re not from Jersey, this video might make you a little nostalgic for whatever part of you country you happen to call home.

And apparently there is one New Jersey stereotype that still holds true:  that of the scruffy, sentimental blue-collar musician who finds his salvation in rock ‘n’ roll.

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