No Time Wasted: Anti-Osama Merchandise Rapidly Multiplies Online

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Buy your anti-Osama T-shirts and mugs today!

The Sept. 11 attacks and Osama bin Laden triggered a new industry centered around airport security. Now, his death has triggered an uptick in the funny T-shirt business.

As news filtered out last night that U.S. special operations forces killed Osama bin Laden in Abottabad, Pakistan, people looking to capitalize on his death got to work – making T-shirts and coffee mugs.

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A number of sometimes funny, generally patriotic and vaguely vulgar shirts have already gone on sale at online sites, and

Charlie Sheen, Facebook, Where’s Waldo and some not-so-clever puns on Osama (and President Barack Obama’s) name are the most prolific. Here’re some of the ones that stand out, though if you buy one, don’t blame NewsFeed if you get a few eye rolls.

“Adolf Hitler announced dead May 1, 1945. Osama bin Laden announced dead May 1, 2011”

“Sorry it took so long to get you a copy of my birth certificate. I was too busy killing Osama bin Laden.”

“Obama 1, Osama 0”

“got osama? yes.”

“Osama bin Laden Dead. 6,852,472,823 people Like This”

“Osama bin LaDead”

“Osama been DEAD!”

“Osama been killed”

“I Killed Osama”

“Osama bin Laden Dead. America Winning!!”


“Rest in Piss”

“Waldo: 1, Osama: 0”

“Good Hunting Seal Team 6”

“RIP Hide and Seek Champion”

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