The Trend Continues: Breast-Milk Cheese on Display in New York

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Courtesy of The Lady Cheese Shop

First came ice cream in London made with breast milk. Not odd enough for you? How about breast milk cheese?

This new creation, on display as part of New York University graduate student Miriam Simun’s temporary art installation dubbed “The Lady Cheese Shop,” aims to start a conversation about the ethics of modern biotechnologies. NewsFeed isn’t sure how much talk is ongoing on that subject, but can be pretty sure people are talking about the weird factor in the cheese.

With some people perplexed and others gagging, Simun at least has people talking. She enlisted three nursing women willing to have their milk used. After screening the milk for diseases, she studied how to make cheese—and turn heads in the process.

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Plus, the names of the cheeses invoke a response on their own. Midtown Smoke, Wisconsin Chew and West Side Funk (NewsFeed doesn’t want any cheese—breast milk or any other—with the name “funk”) offer three distinct tastes.

With some folks worried about what’s going into a cow and eventually producing their run-of-the-mill grocery store cheese, the possibility of human milk being a healthier source resonates with some of the exhibit attendees. Of course, there’s a lot going into a human body that can’t be all that good for us either. And then there’s that stigma that comes with human breast milk. That stigma is on full display right now in New York, in the form of cheese.

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