Buffets and bin Laden: Will Ferrell Revives Bush Impersonation

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Will Ferrell, famed for his genius impersonation of George W. Bush on SNL, is back and funnier than ever. In a new video spoof posted Wednesday on Funny or Die, the clip shows Ferrell’s impression of former U.S. president reacting to Osama bin Laden’s death.

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With his scrunched face and underbite, Ferrell’s ‘Dubya’ impression seems even more convincing in 2011. Situated in the very appropriate Sizzler all you can eat buffet restaurant, he tells viewers that he has “personally overseen a strategic and covert operation” – killing a gopher that had been tearing up his backyard and ruining wife Laura Bush’s fruit trees. He then gets word from a U.S. Secret Service agent that bin Laden has been killed. “They got bin Laden? Well, that’s two good things,” he declares.  “They’ve got a taco bar?! That’s three good things. How did I miss it? Show me where it is.”

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