Live Like a Reality-Star Heiress: Rent Paris Hilton’s House for $20,000 a Month

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REUTERS/Henry Romero

If you’ve always wanted to live like Paris Hilton—though we aren’t sure why you would—now you have a shot.

Hilton’s Hollywood Hills home is up for rent at a mere $20,000 a month. And since the hotel heiress purchased the bachelorette pad for $3.865 million in 2007, maybe $20,000 is a great price for a 3,000-square-foot rental.

The 1929 Spanish-style home has a few new touches, with the help of Hilton’s friend, interior designer Faye Resnick. Black and white themes play throughout the home and if you needed a reminder of who owns the home, the various nearly life-size portraits of Hilton give you a few clues. One such portrait in the living room dwarfs a $40,000 chandelier.

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If you’re lucky, Hilton will leave her walk-in dressing area stocked full of clothes, and rumor has it the home has a separate room for shoes. Expect a clutter of high-end finishes to make you feel luxurious.

If you’re concerned about entertaining at the Hilton home, rest assured that the black-and-white themed pool décor brings classy to the backyard. And that pole in the living room? Maybe classy isn’t the right word for that one.

While you’re entertaining, your guests can crash one of the four bedrooms or enjoy a gourmet meal around the custom-made dining table with seating for 10.

And if you’re concerned about all that black and white, there is one room that deviates from the theme with—what else?—pink.

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