Own a Piece of Movie History: ‘Home Alone’ House For Sale

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Coldwell Banker

A couple of empty-nesters have decided to put their world-famous house on the market. Sorry, Kevin McCallister, this is no longer your home, so you can’t defend it.

John and Cynthia Abendshien are selling their red-brick, 4,250-sq.-ft. Georgian house for $2.4 million. The Abendshiens purchased the property, located in Winnetka, 20 miles outside of Chicago for $875,000 in 1988, two years before director Chris Columbus’ Home Alone made it a Chicago tourist attraction. The house has four bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, a large screened-in porch and an outdoor greenhouse.

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Although the Abendshiens are aware that the housing market is still in recovery, they told the Chicago Tribune that they “wouldn’t wait any longer” to start the process of getting their house sold. No, they’re not sick of the attention from the house’s fame. They just don’t need that much space anymore. Listing agent Marissa Hopkins, of Coldwell Banker, told the Tribune: “The $2.4 million isn’t just because of its cinematic history. It really is a residential masterpiece.”

But that didn’t stop Hopkins from playing up the movie connection. The house is listed on Coldwell Banker’s site at the not-so-discreet URL homealonehome.coldwellbanker.com, which features a video of Hopkins touring the home and interviewing the Abendshiens about their place in film history. In the video, before entering the house, Hopkins tentatively touches the doorknob, referencing the scene in Home Alone where actor Joe Pesci’s burglar character grabs the doorknob not knowing that Kevin has turned it into a searing branding tool. Other allusions to the movie abound:


For those who think they might be able to afford the high-price home in this recovering economy, they will need to pre-qualify before they can even make an appointment to see the digs. No free movie-set tours here.

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